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At Edgewater Family Wealth, we don’t possess magic insights or the ability to foretell  the future. We build investment programs based on sound principles that don’t make our clients rich overnight but enable them to achieve their financial goals.

If you visit an investment advisor hoping they know the secret sauce of how to amass wealth, you will be disappointed. If an advisor could identify a surefire investment poised to make someone wealthy, don’t you think they’d be the one to make all the money?

In our experience, money earned and saved is the key to financial independence. Our clients have built their wealth through hard work and dedication to making smart decisions with their money. We partner with our clients to protect that wealth and enable it to grow so they can pass it along to the next generation.

Don’t waste time worrying about money.

Seriously, you have more important things to do. Your time is better spent doing what’s made you successful in life. When you trust a financial advisor to have your bests interests at heart, you don’t need to scrutinize every transaction or decision. When you invest with us,  we work hard to earn that trust.


At Edgewater, We Understand What It Takes to Achieve Financial Freedom

At Edgewater Family Wealth, we’re not like typical financial advisors interested in selling bogus products with high commission rates.

We use a common sense approach to investment advice, advocating for patience and sound decision-making rather than get-rich-quick schemes. Our team specializes in helping clients with $500k to $20M+ assets under management, but we’re willing to assist anyone serious about investing.

Stop Chasing the Perfect Investment

The financial planning industry has taught people to look for fast returns. That it’s important to continuously scrutinize one fund as better than another or to keep trading until they find the investment that will make them rich. The reason the industry teaches these broken ideas is that it wants to sell you products, and it wants you to make trades.

Chasing an investment is a bad idea. If you’ve read about it in the paper, it’s already too late. If you believe an investment will yield ten times what you put in within a year, it won’t, and you’ll probably lose money. There is no such thing as becoming rich overnight unless you play the lottery, and then the only one getting rich is the state.

At Edgewater, we provide you with the tools to invest wisely and make financial decisions that lead to long-term wealth. You may not get rich overnight, but you will meet your goals to enjoy financial independence that lasts for generations.

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