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I Got A Guy: A Guide to Working with a Financial Advisor

“I Got A Guy: A Guide to Working with a Financial Advisor” by M. Scott Brown is an insightful e-book designed to help individuals navigate the world of financial advising. With over 36 years of experience, the author, Scott Brown, offers practical advice on choosing and working with a financial advisor, covering topics like investment, retirement funding, insurance, tax planning, and goal setting. The book is a valuable resource for anyone new to financial planning or seeking to establish a productive relationship with a financial advisor, emphasizing the importance of professional guidance in making informed financial decisions.

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After reading the book, you’ll have a better grasp on:

  • The Role of a Financial Advisor: Insights into what financial advisors do, the various types of advisors available, and how they can assist in different financial aspects like investing, retirement planning, and tax strategies.
  • Choosing the Right Financial Advisor: Guidance on selecting an advisor that fits one’s personal financial needs, including the importance of looking for credentials like CFP® Practitioners and understanding the different services offered by various advisors.
  • Cost and Payment Structures: An overview of how financial advisors are compensated, including fee-based systems, and the value they provide in comparison to the costs involved.
  • Benefits of Professional Financial Planning: Understanding the long-term advantages of working with a financial advisor, such as making informed decisions, avoiding common pitfalls, and the emotional support and objectivity they provide in financial planning and investment.

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