Worthwhile Magazine Winter 2023

Happy New Year!  2023 still feels weird to say, like the Jetsons or something, but we’re here now like it or not so let’s approach the new year with a mindset of health, happiness, grace, and make it your best year ever!  Fun fact-Did you know the old cartoon series “The Jetsons” predicted autonomous vehicles, FaceTime, and Zoom?  Pretty cool, huh?  I hear “The Simpson’s” also made some eerily correct predictions about the future that came to fruition.  

Now that you know my resources for secular stock picking and worldly affairs, let’s focus our attention on this edition of Raymond James’s Worthwhile magazine 🙂  As always, there’s tons of great content here that I hope you find useful.  And although we’re not predicting the future here, we’ll leave that up to the cartoons, please check out some of the solid financial planning information in these pages and let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss. And if you haven’t done so yet, please check out my new book “The Dividend Lifestyle” where I discuss dividend stock investment strategies and share stories from my almost 20 years in the financial services industry.  Here’s to your best year, ever.  Cheers!

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